Saturday, October 16, 2010

Beach Vacation

Mom and Dad are so nice to me. They take me on my own off to the North Carolina Beach. The ocean is beautiful but there's no way I'm getting in. I've seen other Airedale's, on their blogs, enjoying the ocean but I'm just not a fan.

Now, the sand....that's a different story. I REALLY like the sand. Digging is easy and soooooo fun.
Hello down there? Anyone home?

I may have enjoyed a crab horsdevure (sp?) or two while on vacation.

The best time of day for beach pictures is sun rise. At least that's what mom says.

Me and my daddy and the good lighting....


  1. Violet we hope you have a really lovely holiday digging holes in the sand and catching the horses doovers! lol.

    Perhaps one day you may try to dip your tippy toes in the sea?

    Molly, Taffy and Monty

  2. Violet-
    You are sooo lucky to get ANOTHER beach holiday!
    BTW, you look pretty to me in any light!


  3. What lovely pictures. I so miss the ocean. We visited North Carolina a few years ago. So pretty.

  4. love this pix of v and matt!