Monday, September 17, 2012

Our East Coast Trip

Yes! we went to Maine for vacation.  
1st we stopped in Massachusetts for a break. 
I met this very cool guy!

We stopped in Portland Maine over night.  My first night in a hotel was not so bad since my p's remembered my bed!

There was lots of doggie shopping to be had.  
We ate (ah, THEY) ate out every night.  I was alittle stressed out about staying still and relaxing. BUT I got it down to a science by Friday.

Mom liked the harbor in Portland Maine.

See I'm alittle weirded out about hanging out in the restaurants. However, the people LOVED me!

Lots of water for one dale.

And luckily, lots of treats.


  1. Oh, man! It looks like you guys had a GREAT time on your trip! And, scorin' LOTS of treats is always a good thing!
    I am so glad to hear you got lots of Dale lovin' could anyone resist really?



  2. How cool that you got to stay in a hotel, Violet! We've never had that pleasure - yet! We LOVE your sunflower picture. It's just beautiful!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  3. Oh my goodness! You had your picture taken with Smokey the Bear???!!!! Coolest thing EVER!!!

    Not surprising you were a big hit - you are amazing looking! I hope you stocked up on LOTS of treats!

  4. Looks like you had a lovely vacation Violet. So nice the humans let you go with them and so nice of restaurant owners to let you dine with them. You've got a great dogs life!

    Cindy Bee