Tuesday, September 21, 2010

MD Beach

After mom and dad came back from the shore, we had to go for a nice walkie to stretch their legs. I really didn't need a walk because I was recovering from my vacation @ The Content critter. However, I never turn down a chance to walk and smell the........what ever is there.

So off we went to the MD beach @ a State Park.

I'm still not sure about this moving water thing. Why does it try and come and get me?

I'm also not comfortable about this long green slimmy stuff. Smells interesting but I don't like it touching my paws.

But I AM sure Mommy likes ME!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Another visit to OCNJ

A few weeks ago mom and dad went to the shore in New Jersey. NOTHING like the stinkin' show! Whew, mom wanted me to make that perfectly clear!

Here's some of their pix from their second favorite place on the planet. The 1st is their own home in DE.

Mommy's freckles really come out after a few days in the sun....even though she was wearing 70SPF. Yes I said 70...she's Irish decent and very fair. She should get out more!

Mommy wore 70 SPF but her youngest brother wore a beach towel...Hhahaha

The beach @ cocktail time....lovely with the sanderlings.

The 'boards'...This was their last bike ride on the boards...the sky was very moody.

"Wonderland" (amusements) is the background. The is were mommy first fell in love. There was a boy who ran the rides, that floated mommy's boat. She never chatted with him but enjoyed him from afar....

This is the guy who floats her boat now....and forever.....(she gets weepy in Ocean City NJ).....

Sunday, September 19, 2010


I saw my twin today. Quincey and I hung out at his grandmothers house. THEN...we got to walk together with our humans.
Of course we have to pose. I know we don't look alike right now. I had a spa treatment yesterday.

The children were wild about us. We behaved perfectly. (of course)

Posing with the fake Airedale that goes every where with Daddy when I can't.

Saturday, September 11, 2010