Tuesday, November 30, 2010

More Susquehanna....the water

Originally, we went to this park to see the Bald Eagles.

Well, we couldn't find the right spot to see them. So we went on our hike and then to check out the river.

As you can see I'm interested in said river. It's cold and windy.

I've spotted something that may take off.

It's so windy! This is a beautiful blue heron - still for now.

Mommy got a bunch of pictures of this beauty flying.

Speaking of beauty......

See ya...gotta run!

Saturday, November 27, 2010


I love Thanksgiving. Not because of the food, football or parades. I LOVE Thanksgiving bc my humans are home A-LOT! We've been on some good hikes this 4 day weekend. AND it's ONLY Saturday. I can't wait to see what we do on Sunday!

Today we drove down i95 alittle bit to the Susquehana State park. Apparently this is a 1800's historical site. I couldn't wait to get out of the car and get going.

So mom and dad didn't get to read the old stuff.

We took the red trail.

Nice action shot of me leaping over a huge log.

To and from I go - over the HUGE LOG. I think that thought we were at an agility course. (which I'm not fond of yet)

Good smells.

HELLO, Hello, hellooooooooo anyone in here?


Sure does smell good though.

Back to the beginning and I 'think' I'm tired! Happy trails.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Serious good foliage

Mom has a thing for trees. Especially this time of year. This yellow is lovely.

I try to scout out some good looking trees for her.

They think I don't know where I am. Really....I always know where I am. Come on p's...you know me - I am where I am.

Here, I certainly know I am in front of a gaggle of geese. and believe me....they know where I am too!

These beauties are lacking leaves but some how are spectacular. Bald can be beautiful...haha

Me and pops making the park look even better.

As an added bonus, we met Dylan a 5 year old male aireboy. He was wild! Can't wait to see him again!

Monday, November 15, 2010

ADT walk @ VFP

I love using acronyms? hahaha

Our Airedale Terrier group met for a nice walkie @ Valley Forge Park in PA.

We have more club members but I guess they were busy this day. Mom said it was like 'herding cats' to take this picture. I'll show you more on another post. It's not pretty ;)

These houses would have been rough for me. I like my creature comforts and my nice soft beds...this would not do.

Daddy and I show our PSU Spirit. I got spirit yes I do, I got spirit how about you?! (remember that one?)

This is handsome Brady.

This is Westminster contender Mako and PBGV Punch...she's a cutie.

Energetic Cooper

Beautiful Punch...she likes her Airedales.

Doesn't this thing shoot biscuits?

Hey, I'm one lucky girl.....as I'm the only one in the bunch! I like that ;)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Saturday chores

I'm sure like most Airedales you know not EVERYTHING is having fun. I know, I know, we can make anything fun but sometimes we have to buckle down and get some chores done.

Today Daddy cut down some unruly long grasses. Apparently they are blocking sun and wind from the tall trees so down they go.

I think I smell a bird's nest in here somewhere.

Instead of a bird's nest I found some tasty grass...yummy.

Chuckie and Gustov watch the business side of things happen from inside quarters.

My reward for helping and supervising? I good straw stick!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Leaves a plenty

This November I'm spending lots of time hiking in Delaware. Last November I was waiting to be shipped from Oklahoma to Delaware.

The trees here are really lovely...some exploding with color......

Others are done with the color field and are tossing the leaves for some good crunchy hiking.

Also makes for some good smelling spots...to stick my snout into.

Some are huge! See how big this leaf is next to my Airedale head!!!! Facsinating!

Of course nothing is as nice next to my head, than Daddy's head.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Dog walk

It's such a beautiful day, so we went to Brandywine Creek State Park here in Delaware. We attended a dog walk. I'm a dog and I walk so let's hop to it.

Off we go. There were 4 other doggies to keep me company, that's Cali on the right.

These beautiful walls were hand built with stones from the Wilmington quarry called blue rocks...I'm sure the State park girls told us the proper name but I can't remember everything. However we do have a single A baseball team called 'The Wilmington Blue Rocks'. Imagine that!

Daddy and I enjoy the different field hiking.

I decided to do alittle 'off trail' exploring....

The white doggie in the front has a cool black eye - hence the name "Bandit"

Me, Bandit and Cooper - a cocker spaniel.

Cooper and Izzy a cousin of mine - an Irish terrier!

I LOVE my new Penn State bandana....looks good huh?

Looking out for some good Revolutionary War re-enactors. Didn't see any today, but they have a big re-enactment in the summer.