Thursday, June 30, 2011

New Friends

Look what showed up in my fenced in back yard today?

Mr. Turtle is my new friend dad!

Dad got poison ivy rescuing a box turtle LAST week. We don't think this is the same turtle.

A THIRD turtle??? Two in one day. WILD! Daddy, please find them a nice home in the woods across the street.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Matt vs Poison

Matt has had enough!

He can't take it anymore!

The poison ivy has gotten him and gotten to him but good!

Protected from the elements, he takes his tools to the task.

Annihilating the ivy!

Too bad he didn't don this gettup BEFORE he got the poison....ick!

Nice Hockey mask.....

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

I love my pops, Dad, Daddy-O, Master of the house...hahaha we know who's master of the house!

He's the best, loves to walk with me and take me anywhere he can.

I love my Dad.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Visitor or moving in?

It's very very hot here in Delaware so we don't have any new pictures of me. AND I remembered....I forgot to tell you about the Zina the puppy pitbull. (Obviously this is before my spa treatment)

Zina was running loose in our neighborhood. Mom and Dad decided to put her in the backyard with me. LOVE IT! New friend!

Mommy called the person on the tag. Zina's daddy said, his girlfriend was watching Zina and could Mommy call his girlfriend.
After Mommy lifted her mouth off the ground....she called Zina's daddy's girlfriend. Are you with me?

The girlfriend said she left Zina in our neighbors backyard and Zina must have gotten out. DUH! Yea! and the girlfriend was at work............

So Mommy and Daddy said they would let Zina play with me until the neighbor came home and picked Zina up. The neighbor wasn't the daddy or the girlfriend.....are you still with me?

The neighbor picked up Zina 3 hours later. No biggie, we had plenty of food and water for Zina, and I'm a good at sharing. And boy did we have FUN!!!!!

The next day the neighbor asks mommy and daddy if we wanted to keep Zina. HUH????????? Poor Zina, she gets passed around but she's allowed to visit any time.

Zina whispered thank you to me and she had a great time hanging out! So did I !!!!!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


So mom and dad went to see their beloved Philadelphia Phillies play the Pittsburgh Pirates in Pittsburgh.
This is the view of the bridge they walked over to get to the ball park. Very cool.

Kayakers along the ball park.

Front of the beautiful park.

View from the park....spectacular.

This place has been on the Food Network.

See, everyone needs a Primanti's sandwich....meat, coleslaw, french fries on a sour dough bread. They looked deeeelicious....but mommy can't wait forever for food!

Daddy is happy @ Pamela's.....also a famous breakfast place.....wonderful crepe pancakes. YUMMO!

No trip is complete without meeting a hound. This is 14 week old Dozer.

He likes to push things with his nose. Hence his name! Very sweet boy.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Violet goes to dog care

Mom and Dad are going to Pittsburgh PA to see the Phillies play the Pirates. I get to go to Dog Care and I love it. Watch me go!