Sunday, August 29, 2010

Mommy bought me a new toy.

She likes to give me things that will 'tire' me out.

This has a treat inside. I'm supposed to spend hours licking it....keeping me 'busy'.

She never lets me alone when she gives me a new treat. I'm taking my treat and going somewhere that camera ISN'T!

Dang, found me again. Oh well, I'll hang out here and.....

Empty this toy out....

In four minutes FLAT. DONE!

Remember Katrina

To honor the 5 years since hurricane Katrina, we met Starr for a walk at Valley Forge Park.

Starr is my cousin and she was rescued during the Katrina tragedy. She is now living a great life in Pa.

Unlike me, she really doesn’t like to have her picture taken. I forgot to remind mom to put the camera on sports setting. But you get the idea, she’s a chow, Belgian Malinois mix.

I tried to spot the squirrels and deer. We saw deer today....going down hill.....daddy almost bought it but he is very athletic and was able to hang on as I took him for a ride.

We get along very well.

Starr learned to swim @ a special dog pool. Her mom (my mom’s sister) says that she was terrified BUT look at her now!

She loves her water. Swim, swim, paddle, paddle.

Me? I just want to ‘terrorize’ that leaf!

We met some nice doggies out for a walk. Talk about a pack! Looking good pack!

The east coast has many covered bridges. This one is in Valley Forge Park, yes that same VFP from the revolutionary war....horrible winter there.

Who, cuts off the beautiful Airedale at the nose? Who does that??

Friday, August 27, 2010

Mommy and Me

Mommy had a different schedule this week, so we walked every morning for at least an hour.
Today we did the community 5K route...took longer than an hour and we had fun.

I spotted about 100 squirrels. Those rascals can jump from tree to limb to tree. Drives me nuts!

Mommy loves walking through the flower garden.

Mom, are you sure there are no squirrels over there?

Ok, I’ll keep it moving, and you’re right mom, these are lovely flowers cascading into the sidewalk. Just watch your legs, they’re alittle dry from the lack of summer rain.

What Mom? Yes, these pretty purple flowers could be called Violet too!

Look mom, you could have been called the 'catts' family, before I came along!

Here I pretend I’m in the prairies of the midwest.

Ah, that was a good walk, and now we get to relax....Nice!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Our Favorite Game

Did I tell you about the game I play with mom and dad? It's called Ring and Run....they LOVE it!

Every single night, I go outside and try to get cool and relax alittle. I run, squeeze the big cuz, bark at walkers, run some more, dig a ditch,

bark @ my neighbors, eat some grass,

chase butterflies, or pounce on frogs....

scratch.....well ya know, scratch all the hard to scratch places.

It's great in the back yard. Then around 8:30 or 9:00 I have to remind the humans about my nightly walk. Sometimes I think they forget about me. Especially now that it's getting dark earlier. Plus those darn Phillies are on the tube every single night....keeping their attention.

It's not easy being me!

I regress....So around 8-9:30ish I have to mess with them alittle bit because they are not out in the back yard chasing butterflies with me.

I play ring and run.

I swipe the screen door with my delicate paws two times. I listen for them to get off their butts to let me in, I eyeball them and run the other way. HA! Then I do it again, and again.

You know they like it, they laugh every time.....


Isn't Daddy funny, standing at attention.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Rainy day walk

Well, the day started out with cloudy skies and dampness, but I still need to have my weekend excursion. So, off we went.

We hiked by the river and then it started to rain and pour down rain. Everyone was drenched. Mom and dad were going with the flow because Mom wore her hiking boots and her feet remained dry. Dad and I are glad bc then she didn’t complain ;)

Dad said, "it's raining cats and dogs and I stepped in a poodle".....Where does he get this stuff?

We started in Delaware.................

and walked all the way to Pennslyvania! That’s what I call a good excursion!

Since it’s still raining, it’s a perfect day to do this.

And this.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Biker Hike

Another walkie, this time with bikers, mountain bikers.

Mom and Dad used to ride their bikes ALOT, they have a hitch on both cars (as you saw yesterday one hitch has a good looking Airedale cover).

Now they ride less and walkie more, thanks to me.

Today we saw some rascally squirrels run up a tree to get away from me. Honestly I just wanted to say hi.

It was a great cool, cloudy day....mommy’s favorite kind of day....maybe a good nappy day ;)

Bikers looking good in their safety helmets. Daddy gets gruffy when mom reminds him to wear his helmet. He thinks he’s tough!

Lots of interesting challenges for these bikers. Up hills, fun down hills and little boardwalks.

We’ll stay away from this area...We’re not experts in anything, let alone biking.

It was another good hike.