Sunday, July 11, 2010

Lighthouse adventure

Mommy got the map out again today, which usually means a new experience is on the horizon. So off we went to Maryland in search of a Turkey Point Light house.
Apparently this is a dangerous hike...mommy likes these, daddy asked if his life insurance is paid up.

There are no turkeys here at Elk Neck State park. Alas there are no Elk either! So it’s the ‘find what ever you want’ park to me.

Nice long trail to the Hawk watch area, again the winged creatures were no where to be found. We’ll go back in the fall to see some good hawks.

Nothing but beautiful butterflies today and cool looking vines.

Me checking out that moving water. This water cannot be trusted and I’m not going anywhere near it!

Ah the infamous Light house over looking the cliffs of the Chesapeake Bay. Just lovely!

These humans stopped to give me some love. Of course I remembered my manners and didn’t jump. End of trail and prong collar helped me to be good. Notice this woman’s hiking foot wear. Compare her sandals to mom/dad boots. Oh well, gotta go with what you got!

Thanks for the adventure mom/dad...No insurance needed!


  1. Days out are such great fun aren't they.

    Thank you for visiting our blog and signing our guest book. You were our 200th guest.

    Molly, Taffy and Monty

  2. What a pretty hike! We have some scary cliffs like that at the coast....must be on best aire- behavior!


  3. V is so glad she is getting M/D out of Newark on a regular basis :-)