Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Lots of Blur

Well, you see when you're an Airedale...things happen quickly. We do everything fast and furious, run, jump, shake our toy, eat, drink, and dig. You have to keep up or you're left behind...in the dust, grass, dirt, and/or mud! Take Dad for example. We're outside for an hour or so trying to cool off as is so dang hot in Delaware.

So to keep cool, I do what I do best. DIG.

Daddy was relaxing for a minute but starts to request that I stop digging.

But I can't because I'm good at it. He tries in vain to cover the hole...HA...what a joke!

Oh wait, I think I hear a another neighborhood doggie coming to visit. I gotta go....see ya Dad...I'll be back to finish that hole later! In a flash it's all over.....

Notice my bunny hop.

ps. Thanks Wyatt...I think mom has the hang of the blogging now!

OH YEAH 5 months ago this is what I was digging....


  1. Violet,
    You look just like my sister, with the lawn digging. Do you have a perma-dirt nose too!


    P.S. Violet, Give your editor a raise. Nice blog layout!

  2. Hey, your fence looks seriously escapable. Do you stay behind that, for real? We'd be out in a flash all over the neighbourhood...

  3. five months ago it was snowing wow how soon we forget!