Wednesday, September 14, 2011

PSU visit

I'm still sore and limping. While my peeps went to Penn State for a football game this weekend, I went to my doggie sitter had an AWESOME time and I'm still recovering.

Here's their weekend.

As you know Penn State graduates are alittle excited about've heard the saying "God loves Penn State that's why he made the sky blue and white'. right? yeah, you've heard that.....

Well apparently they make LOTS of stuff with PSU on it.
Take this tire cover.....

Drink umbrellas....reaLLY?????

Football purses!???? How creative..

Mom and Dad just started watched 'Project Runway'. (yeah they're slow with being hip) They think this was a challenge for the designers.

You also may have heard of Joe Paterno....He's like 80 something that's like 560 in dog years!

Daddy loves his JoePA.

Even the Alabama folks like JoePA.

Here's Paternoville! Shows up every game day. Gotta love young people.

I don't know what's going on with these old men dressing up like this.

Daddy reverts back to college days and regals us with 'young Matt' stories

Our Penn State gang!


  1. I know one person that went to Penn State. Kevin Taylor. Do you know him? I worked with him at PURDUE for 10 years! Enjoy your day!

    Cindy Bee

  2. Gee, Violet, I get the dim impression that your humans are Penn State football fans! Maybe they'll go away again and you can enjoy another social weekend.