Sunday, May 16, 2010

Tails and Trails

The local SPCA had an event today. Tails for Trails benefited the SPCA and they had a great turn out. Violet frolicked in a new dog park and walking trail. AND once again we have a tired hound!
We met a woman who had a Welsh terrier, however she's owned 4 Airedales and honestly she was wistful chatting about her dales.
Matt and Violet are supportive of our Philadelphia Flyers playoff push! Go Fly boys!


  1. Well Hello
    Its very nice to meeta you.
    I love meeting new airedales but, my mom has been rather lazy blogging lately. Hopefully she will help me soon.
    I hope we can be friends.

  2. Violet-
    You look so pretty in orange, but then you always look pretty!
    You got a blogger award! Come see on my blog!