Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A New year = A little change

I tried something different today. I scanned a few of my scrapbook pages and decided to show you.

(journaling reads - every night as we head off to bed. Matt tucks his hand in my back waist pant and says "his is how elephants do it")

I've been scrapping for about 8 years. Now that Violet is in the picture, I have ALOT more to scrap about and tell stories.
Many people think because we don't have kids, dot, dot dot....fill in the blank. (why scrapbook)

(journaling reads - MOOD! Matt gets in touch with his feminine side @ MOOD in NYC. He loves watching Project Runway. I watch his sports. He watches Project Runway for me! 10/15/11)

I sometimes felt that way. I scrap about all kinds of stuff and thought...who the heck is going to read this? I force my family to leave thru the pages at Christmas....this year I forgot to bring the books.

Another reason I put memories to paper.........In case I can't remember what a Freaking AWESOME life I have and have had!

I feel bad about who cleans out my house when I die. I don't want them to feel bad about throwing this stuff out! I've changed that thought to "who cares". I love the paper, stickers, and stamps and I'm using them with WILD abandon!

Because I have alittle bit of a creative side, I wanted to share. I already love to take pictures and this year I am determined to understand the elusive 'aperture' setting. God love the internet, I can take classes, read blogs, chat with people almost about anything.

Heck, Today I taught myself how to scan and stitch.....these pages are 12x12 and my scanner is not. So I learned something new today! YEY!

(journaling reads- True Love, Violet meets Nicole - January 2010)

So this year I am going to show alittle of my pages and cards because it makes me happy. I hope you'll continue to swing by and see blogs about Violet Mae and whatever else we want to share. I know I'll be scrapping about Violet too! After all she's my portable furbaby. My kitties are not so portable LOL! But I love them just the same.

So off to a new year and new adventures and new sharing.

(journaling reads - Nov 2011, Its funny, we don't have kids but we have a family. Violet and the kitties are so much a part of daily life. It makes our lives fun, festive and fabulous.)


  1. I hear you loud and clear! I used to scrapbook and still have all the stuff and pics...just got overwhelmed with it all. And I don't have children. I scrapbook anyway. Love that you are sharing it with us. Lots of great ideas!

    Cindy Bee

  2. We love that you are showing your scrap booking to. and we love your blog so now we get the best of both your worlds.


  3. Scapping is good for so many reasons, peace, time to yourself or to catch up with friends, sharing memories with others and reliving the great times again. I'm glad you keep up with yours, children are not required to have good times and a great life.

  4. Your scrapbook pages are just beautiful! You are very creative! What wonderful memories!

  5. Wow..your scrap book pages are so clever. Brilliant way to create memories.
    Big Nose Pokes
    The Thugleysx

  6. You are very talented, it looks lovely and I for one have enjoyed looking at it, keep up the good work.
    Mom says aperture is hard to get your head around its the opposite to what you think, the smaller the aperture many be 8-22 the more all the shot will be in focus, set at a bigger aperture 5-3 the less will be in focus but you get the lovely out of focus backgrounds. But that just some of it.
    Have a good week
    See Yea George xxx
    PS please get in touch if you do :)

  7. My 2012 goal is to learn to comment on your pictures. Don't forget to review my blog too. I love the scrapbooking pix. The pix of Nicole and V is too precious for words. The elephant comments again reminds us that you and Matt are soulmates!