Saturday, April 21, 2012

Earth Day

Mom and Dad celebrated Earth day by participating in a city clean up. They picked up trash in one of the community parks, that is known to have homeless people. M&D didn't see any homeless people but did collect quite a collection of coffee cups throw down an embankment from a car dealership. Go figure, the homeless people are cleaner than those waiting for an oil change..or out on their lunch break.
Well, you know me, I like to collect trash myself. Must run in the family.
How do you take care of Mother Earth??? Violet Mae and peeps.


  1. I'm just like you, Violet - I love picking up trash on my morning walk and carrying it all the way home to deposit in the recycle bin or the garbage!

    Love ya lots

  2. Happy Earth Day, you guys are awesome! Thanks for the nice comments on my blog. Lift away, that always makes me very happy to inspire someone even if it's a little bit. As long as your scrapping those great photos! I'm so glad that I'll see you in LOAD. It's always been such a great group of people and everyone is so nice. Love your puppies, they are so gorgeous! See you soon!

  3. Hi Violet,
    Nice to get to know you and what a good girl you are collecting trash too.
    Love from Eileen and Annie xx

  4. Belated Happy Earth day!
    Big Nose Pokes
    The Thugletsx