Thursday, December 20, 2012

December Memories

Mom is scrapbooking during the month of December. 
You may have heard about 'December Daily'.
Mom is calling hers 'December memories' because she can't possibility find
something interesting to scrap about every day....BOL!

The is 12.1.12
Mom's Dad is up from Florida for a long visit.
Some of the fam had lunch with Dad, PopPop.

Chuckie under the Christmas tree.  
This is a layout about the face that the Christmas tree is put up this year.
They haven't done so because of little ole me.

30% of at Concord PeT
Whoo Hoo.....treats for every pet in the house.

You've seen this about me having be groomed.

 Adventure in NYC

Rockette Christmas ornament.
We won't tell you how much it was.  

Relaxing on her new couch!


  1. We love it! Happy memories that you will have furever :D

    Kisses to Violet,

  2. Oh, those are GREAT December memories!!
    BTW: LOVE the couch!!! I don't even know what mine looks has throws and blankets all over em'! Geez, Ma says I can get 'gamey', and doesn't want my 'essence' permently infused into the cushions....I think I should be offended...


  3. You have your own couch, Violet? We need to hurry up and put that at the top of our Christmas list for Santa!
    December has been a great month for you so far! We love your mom's scrapbook!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  4. V did you get a kettlebell at Concord Pets? Or is it a kongbell lol.