Sunday, August 15, 2010

Biker Hike

Another walkie, this time with bikers, mountain bikers.

Mom and Dad used to ride their bikes ALOT, they have a hitch on both cars (as you saw yesterday one hitch has a good looking Airedale cover).

Now they ride less and walkie more, thanks to me.

Today we saw some rascally squirrels run up a tree to get away from me. Honestly I just wanted to say hi.

It was a great cool, cloudy day....mommy’s favorite kind of day....maybe a good nappy day ;)

Bikers looking good in their safety helmets. Daddy gets gruffy when mom reminds him to wear his helmet. He thinks he’s tough!

Lots of interesting challenges for these bikers. Up hills, fun down hills and little boardwalks.

We’ll stay away from this area...We’re not experts in anything, let alone biking.

It was another good hike.


  1. Damn that tree for being so straight. Otherwise I would be up there in the flash and tell that rude squirrel to come back down and say hello to you pretty quick smart!

  2. Hello we saw you on Penny & Patches blog so we thought we we drop in on you!

    That looks like a pretty interesting place to go for a walk. Rascally squirrels sound interesting!

    Big Nose Pokes
    The Thugletsx

  3. Walkies? Sounds like Wallace and Gromit. Am I right? Cute dog.

  4. Ciao bella, Violet!

    I, Lucia, was visiting some Aire- and dog-bloggies and found yours! I am a two-year-old Aire-girl with a stupendously lazy human secretary. I have many things to say, but SHE is always too busy to type for me. Pllllllbbbbbbb!!!! Nevertheless, I am very pleased to meet you and invite you to stop by my bloggie sometime to read a lot of old news because you-know-who never posts updates. (Heeeeeeeee!!!)

    Tanti baci, la mia amica!