Saturday, August 14, 2010

Daddy's Birthday Fun!

Today is Daddy’s birthday and boy did we celebrate!

First we hopped in the car for our Saturday adventure. We went for a hike @ our favorite park.

We walked in tall grasses.

We stalked some squirrels.

Then we went home for a nice snooze because a visitor was coming.

I am very excited about this visitor!

My brother, Quincey came over for a play date.

Daddy is very happy to see Q on his birthday! Daddy is out of focus but be honest, it’s all about the Q bear.

Then Daddy opened his presents.
Daddy is showing his new unmentionables! How rude!

These two Airedale look like me and Quincey. I’m the smaller of the two @ 52 pounds, Quincey is a big boy, tipping the scales at 72 plus pounds!

Where ever Daddy goes he’ll have a airedale trailing him now.

He likes that!

Happy Birthday Daddy!


  1. Happy Birthday Violet's Daddy! Airedale Undies....HaHaHa..thanks for sharing!


  2. Happy belated birthday to your Daddy. You certainly had a good day out. We recognise those Airedales on your DAd's unmentionables.......... Inky and MOlly's Mummy does those. Our hooman has t shirts and we have bowls!!!!!!!!!!! Yea.

    Molly, Taffy and Monty

  3. Happy Birthday Daddy!!
    Aren't you special to get a pair of designer shorts with an authentic Inky and Molly design on it?!
    Hey, can we please have a shot of Daddy wearing them and permission to feature on our blog? Go on...