Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Washington DC

Mom and Dad went to Washington DC to see the Phillies get beat.....twice! UGH!

I went to my sitters house and got spoiled rotten. Even slept in the sitter's bedroom! Their daddy had a tough time saying good bye to me. Even gave me an extra hug and said, 'some dogs we hate to give back, especially this girl'.

M&D's other activities included seeing the 1st Ladies Inauguration dresses in the American History Museum, Ford Theater, tour of the Capitol, Library of Congress and the Botanical Gardens.
For a change, Mom did NOT carry the camera every minute of every day. So I'm not really convinced Dad looked at ladies dresses!

But she has a few shots of Jayson Werth's butt. So all is well!

While she was away, Mom grew a tree on her head.

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