Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Guest Blogger Roman the cat

Work from home is good for everyone. Daddy works from home on Thursdays and we all love it!

Violet gets to go in and out, and we (the kitties) have more ‘protection’ from the very big cat. I know she's not going to hurt us but she's big and goofy and shakes and shimmies when she sees us. It's alittle intimidating but she only sniffs and wants to play.
Today my bother Chuckie and I are taking in the fishes activities.

Hey wait, where did that big cat go? Is she coming back into the house?

Chuckie, Hey Chuck, where did you run off too?

Here's my close up. I'm known as Big Bad Roman, Linebacker kitty and I'm NOT afraid of anyone, or anything. However, I'm also a snuggle bear when needed. Some times they call me my favorite: Roman spirit or as they say in Latin "Roman Espir-it-too"

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