Sunday, August 29, 2010

Mommy bought me a new toy.

She likes to give me things that will 'tire' me out.

This has a treat inside. I'm supposed to spend hours licking it....keeping me 'busy'.

She never lets me alone when she gives me a new treat. I'm taking my treat and going somewhere that camera ISN'T!

Dang, found me again. Oh well, I'll hang out here and.....

Empty this toy out....

In four minutes FLAT. DONE!


  1. Violet-
    I have that same toy in blue! I got my treat out right away and tried to swallow it whole...then Stanzie buried the rubber part! It wasn't Airedale tested and approved!


  2. Well done! We haven't met a toy that we didn't figure out in two minutes yet either...